Star And Extended Star Topologies The Star Topology Is The Most Commonly Used Physical Technology In Ethernets LANS

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 Star and extended star topologies The star topology is the most commonly used physical technology in Ethernets LANS, when installed , the star topology resembles spokes I n a bicycle wheel. The star topology is made up of a central connection point that is a device such as a hub, switch, or router, where all the cabling segments meet. Each host in the network is connected to the central devices (switches) with its own cables (we are using Fiber Optic Cable) although a physical star topology costs more to implement than the physical bus topology, the advantage of star topology make it worth the additional cost. Each host is connected to the central device with its own cable, when that cable has a problem , only that host is affected, the rest of the network remains operational this benefit is extremely important and is why virtually every newly designed Ethernet a central connection point might be desirable for security or restricted access , but this is also a main disadvantage of a star topology if the central device fails, the whole network become disconnected .when a star network is expanded to include an additional networking device that is connected for the main networking device, it is called an extended star topology We chose fiber-optic cable (also known as optical fiber) because it uses light instead of electricity to transmit signals. Obviously, light is the fastest method of transmitting information, but fiber-optic cable has the additional advantage of not being subject to electrical interference. So you can run it just about anywhere. Since light meets very little resistance, you can run fiber-optic cable over very long distances without having to boost or clean the signal. Some signals have been transmitted over 5,000 miles before they had to be processed. Forming a C Corporation business owners create a separate legal structure that helps shield their personal assets from judgments against the company. C Corporations have a specific...
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