Standing Up for What Is Right

Topics: Hazara people, The Kite Runner, Khaled Hosseini Pages: 3 (1060 words) Published: September 19, 2013
Standing Up For What Is right

If you were to make one mistake in you life that changed almost everything in your life because you knew that you could have done something to stop it, would you try to find a way to make up for your mistakes? In the book The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini; it is about a man named Amir and his different challenges he has to face on his way to try and redeem himself from one big mistake he made in his childhood that hunted him for years because he knew he could have done something to help out a friend. In the book it also focuses on the poverty of the Afghan children, but it helps teach us that during was a lot more people are willing to sacrifice things they care about because they are so fearful of the head officials. So not many people are willing to stand up for what they know is right because they are scared and they are also under a lot of pressure to do certain things. Child abuse is never okay, no matter what tradition or religion the people are following it doesn’t excuse their behavior. It can take a childhood away from a child because they can never have fun anymore with out having to worry about if it will happen again or if they are going to be safe and not hurt again. “You’re not dirty, and you’re not full of sin.” I touched his arm and he drew away. I reached again, gently, and I pulled him to me. “I won’t hurt you,” I whispered. “I promise,” he still resisted a little.” (Pg. 320) This quote shows us how things Assef and the other men did affected Sohrab after he was taken away from them. They made him feel dirty and sinful. It also made it so it was and is hard for Sohrab to trust people and let them in to his life. During the wars many people are to sacred to stand up for what is right because they know if they were to say something wrong or just in a way that the officials or Taliban didn’t like they would be either seriously injured or killed right on the spot. “A rumor spread that a Hazara family was living...
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