Stages of Family Life Cycle

Topics: Marriage, Family, Husband Pages: 1 (387 words) Published: August 6, 2013
1. Single
2. Newlywed with no children
3. Full nest Stage 1, has chilcren, youngest under 6
4. Full nest stage 2, youngest child over 6
5. Full nest stage 3, older married couple now. has depedent children 6. Empty nest stage 1, head of household still emplyed, no kids at home 7. Empty nest stage 2, HOH retires
8. Solitray survivor-one of the couple passes away, survivor continue to work 9. retired solitary survivor-survivor retire, no kids at home

Every day of the consumer starts up with different and new experiences. He gets interacted with innumerable people around him daily which results in learning that shapes one’s behaviour too .The cultural values which are inculcated by our family and the society in which we are currently living has a greater influence on one one’s ability of perceiving the things around him. The different stages of family life cycle tend to change the buying behaviour pattern of the consumers. Remembering the time when we all were kids. Parents had much control over us. All the decisions of our lives were to be taken by our parents such as what type of clothes we will wear? What type of toys we better have? Where to go? Where not to go? They were the ones. Who were the buyers and the decision makers of us.  Then the time changes, stage of bachelorhood plays its part. The preference of buying things gets changed, spending money in smoking, drinking, night clubs is normal. One wouldn’t see any bachelor investing in mutual funds, insurance and other securities but it is normal thing for the person who is living a married life. One would often see a married man while buying ladies perfume for her wife buying grocery at the general store.scuh stage of life in which Husband is accompanied by the wife and much of the buying is done by the wife for her husband. The time when you have old parents at your home buying pharmaceutical products on the regular basis would be normal. So the buying preferences get changed with the different...
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