Staffing Case Study

Topics: Employment, Discrimination, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Pages: 2 (780 words) Published: June 23, 2013
Staffing Case Study Critical Thinking 3
Once I evaluated the Staffing Case Study, many things need improvements in the hiring process, legal ramifications could occur if the hiring process is not enhanced immediately. The owner of Stars Hollow Hat Company has asked the customer service supervisor to hire additional customer service representatives (CSRs); there has been an increase in overtime pay in the past three months. The owner let the supervisor know that there was a job analysis completed that may help in developing interview questions. The supervisor asked for referrals from her current CSRs, she called two of the three. The referral she did not choose was the son of a CSR who was Mexican and had an accent, which made it hard to understand her. The supervisor assumed that would be the case as well for her son. The supervisor then proceeded to place an advertisement that read: Star Hollow Hat Company

Customers Service Reps Wanted
Stop by for an interview
After the advertisement published, the first day she had about 45 people waiting for an interview. She hired one on the spot, others she could tell by looking at them that they would not be a good fit. She asked different questions of each applicant, and in some interviews, she talked about their personal life. The supervisor followed her gut instincts because they were always correct according to her. The supervisor was looking for a good work ethic; she believed everything else required for the job could be trainable including sales. In the end, six employees were hired; when the owner was notified, she was surprised with such a high number of people she hired. If you provide a detailed job description in the ads that are posted it will give the supervisor a good pool of applicants, versus just asking anyone who is interested to come in for an interview. “Let people know just what you are looking for. The better the job description and the more complete the statement of...
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