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Topics: Education, Standardized test, Teacher Pages: 3 (730 words) Published: February 26, 2015
Once students reach third grade they are introduced to the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR). These test are given to determine knowledge obtained in each grade level. These standardized test however, put too much pressure on educators and students and do not appropriately measure the knowledge of students. The main goal for teachers is to teach students  certain skills needed for learning and life, however, these standardized test get in the way of teachers doing so. Educators are forced to spend most of the time teaching for the test rather than teaching for students to actually learn and comprehend specific skills. This often leads to students lacking rudimentary skills needed or just a general feeling of unpreparedness for the next grade level. The STAAR puts lots of pressure on both students and educators. Teachers have to quickly teach students objectives that may possibly be on the test and at the same time make sure each student understands fully. This often leads to problems because not all students comprehend the same way. Students are pressured because not only do they not know what exactly will be on the test but they are told that one must pass to go on to the next grade level or even graduate. The test also counts for %15 of their final grade. This is very terrifying for some students.The test could potentially affect scholars GPA and class ranking. There are some students who do very well in all classes but do not perform well on test days. I,  a junior in High School, and ranked in the top ten percent of my class, have always done well on homework assignments and understood objectives taught. However, I am a very bad test taker and have never fully performed to the best of my abilities on tests. It would be agreed amongst many, myself included, that it is unfair for one single test to affect the grade average and class ranking of studious and hardworking students who excel all year but do not perform well on the test. A...
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