Diagnostic Writing

Topics: Education, Learning, Teacher Pages: 3 (765 words) Published: October 21, 2013
Diagnostic Writing
Katelyn Bjerke
Some people believe that students should pass a standardized test before being awarded their diploma. I think that students should not have to pass a standardized test before they receive their diploma. I do not believe it is the most accurate way to test a student’s skills.

One reason a standardized test should not be required is that some students don’t test well. Some of the students that naturally don’t test well get good grades and are good students. I am one of many that have a difficult time testing. Some students get nervous and have anxiety over testing; they will not be able to show what they actually know. The tests do not show the students true skills.

Another reason a standardized test should not be required is that all teachers teach differently. Across the United States, students are taught different skills in each subject; it varies what the student learns based on what the teacher thinks is important. The teacher may not be teaching the students everything they need to know for a standardized test. I believe it is more important that the students are doing well in the areas their teachers teach.

Along with different teaching skills, I believe a test should not be required because the student may perform differently than the test shows. Some people may believe that the score of the test will show them how the student will perform in colleges they apply for. Being a poor test taker but efficient student, I disagree. Some students are not capable of scoring well on a test no matter what; these students usually have to try harder and know more than an average student. Although the test scores may be low, some of the students have enough motivation needed to succeed in higher colleges. The higher colleges recommend high ACT scores, which is not fair to bad test takers. It is not fair to discriminate these students from their natural nerves and anxiety over testing. Some students that do...
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