EDA 577 Develop Goals

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Cindy Maldonado
January 21, 2015
Develop Goals
EDA 577
Grand Canyon University

Develop Goals
As the course of weeks of planning have interpose realizing a campus improvement plan is an essential item for any growth of a learning environment. Modifying our processes, teaching practices and student learning is vital to notice in order to make our action plan become successful. We must not forget the fact that our action plan is intertwined with the vision and mission set up by the administration team for the campus. Following this will be a chart as a draft of a school improvement plan based on the data acquired from Del Castillo Elementary. It includes a summary of the feedback and goals set by my principal mentor and several other stakeholders from the campus. Through positive collaboration, teamwork from all stakeholders and the correct support the plan can be implemented in a successful manner for continuous improvement. Strategies

Set up lessons and assessments based on the TEKS tested for each grade level. Match readiness and supporting standards set up on the TEA blueprint to meet weekly assessments given in class. Provide training for teachers based on best practices and test taking strategies to be used by students. Goals:

(See Figure 1.1)
The results of the 2014 STAAR test demonstrates a need for improvement in 4th grade writing, 3rd grade reading and math, and 5th grade reading and math subjects. Resources: Journeys Reading Program (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt), Empowering Writers (J. Mariconda), Pearson Envision, Campus Reading Coach, Campus Dean of Instruction, STAAR Workbooks (varies by grade level) Target Barriers: In 2014 the 4th grade percentage for the writing STAAR test was at 47 percent meeting standard, this will need to increase to 70 percent. For 3rd grade reading it was at 37%, it will need to increase to 50%. 3rd grade math was at 41%, it will need to increase to 50%. For 5th grade reading it...
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