St. Francis and St. Clare

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St. Francis and Clare
March 11th, 2013
Francis Bernardone was born in Assisi during the middle ages. His dream as a child was to become a knight. However, once he began to fulfill his dream, he realized that God was calling him to do something else so he returned home. He began to pray and read the Gospel. Later in the movie, St. Francis started visiting the lepers outside of the city. People started to worry about St. Francis because he was spending more time with the lepers than he spent working with his father. They also stopped buying his fathers fabric because they were worried that St. Francis had contaminated it.

St. Francis and his friend Federico, the knight, were celebrating the night before they left to go to battle when they came across a group of lepers in the city. Federico was going to kill them, but St. Francis stopped him, and saved the lepers’ lives. Later, St. Francis found out that Federico had caught the disease, and became a leper himself. St. Francis and Federico spent a lot of time together until Federico died. During this time, St. Francis found out what God was calling him to do.

Before he died, Federico showed St. Francis the church where he went to pray. It was in ruins and Federico said he liked it because it was withering away, just like him. After Federico died, St. Francis decided to rebuild the church. He sold all of his father’s fabric and donated the money to a priest who would restore the church. Obviously, this made his father very angry, so he kicked St. Francis out of his house.

When St. Francis was begging on the streets, people thought he was crazy, but he knew it was God’s will. He quickly gathered followers, and together they restored the church in no time. St. Francis abandoned his worldly life and devoted himself to prayer. This lifestyle inspired St. Clare to join the religious life, but her uncle wanted her to marry the son of a wealthy family. Her uncle decided to scare St. Francis by sending his men to...
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