Sriwijayaair Mission Vision

Topics: Quality of service, Airline, Customer service Pages: 4 (927 words) Published: August 31, 2010
“To be existing airline and to serve domestic region which prioritize on quality service, with the best human resources in order to support company development and employee welfare”

A focused concept

Vision statement above has described that Sriwijaya Air want to be part of Airline competition, not only in Indonesia but also in Asia, As a one of existing airline in Indonesia and serving almost all destination in Indonesia, Sriwijaya Air has felt to maintain their quality on services to be able to compete with the other airline in Indonesia and in Asia. Sriwijaya air has thought that one of the key elements to maintain their service quality is support from the employees. To get employees support Sriwijaya Air has seen the challenge in the future where every airline will trying to expand their business and to get as much as skilled employees while the number of skilled employees are limited. To answer that challenge Sriwijaya Air has committed to develop human resources. Instead of air crew, human resources also refer to ground crew which is consisting of marketing, maintenances, ticketing etc. Sriwijaya Air realized that it’s not an easy work, it’s not an 3-4 months work and it needs brief investment but in other hand Sriwijaya Air believes that Sriwijaya Air will gain the benefit in the future and able to create motivation for employees to give more value to the company not only doing necessary work and at same time Sriwijaya Air will be able to reach their objective

Give back and advocacy

Instead of it Sriwijaya Air also committed to pay more attention on employee welfare. Increased cost of living might give direct impact for employee’s performance. Employees can easily decide to transfer to another company if there’s no appropriate compensation from company. Based on that reason Sriwijaya Air also dedicated to giving more attention to employee’s welfare. But vision above is not giving the picture how the company social responsibility...
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