Squire Hotel Group Case Study

Topics: Management, Hotel, Customer Pages: 2 (882 words) Published: March 31, 2009
The Squire Hotel Group Question one ' Evaluate the performance measures in place at the Squire Hotel. The Squire’s group hotel is doing well performance wise although it does have a few problems. The rooms division is performing well due to the hotel being constantly kept at a high occupancy level. However, the food and beverage section of the hotel group isn’t doing so well. This is clearly indicated by the Restaurant Manager, Elizabeth Dicken, who says that she is forced by upper management to reduce costs that in turn are affecting her restaurant to the extent that she is loosing customers. These are all good measures of a hotels performance. The complaints system is very poor which makes accessing customer satisfaction very difficult, making it hard to gauge how the business is doing in regard to keeping customers happy. The company however is trying to strengthen their position in the market and constantly striving to achieve a high quality of service however without any concrete evidence that they are achieving any of these goals through feedback from surveys or feedback from customers, it is hard to access this except to say that they are doing well due to the fact that occupancy at their hotels is always high. Question two ' Access the senior managers’ ability to ‘drill down’ the organisation. Is the senior management ‘out of touch with reality’? Senior management have made decisions according to Restaurant Manager, Elizabeth Dicken, which have caused customers to take their business elsewhere. She indicates that senior management is ‘out of touch with reality’ and that they are not responding to customer needs and demands. They are not concentrating on keeping customer satisfied rather they are just interesting in profit. They are not concerned with the service and quality of the service they are providing. There is an overall lack of finding an equilibrium between profit and customer satisfaction. Senior management is unaware of how their...
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