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The Lodge Bistro Chain

The Lodge Bistro chain started out as something a bit different. This difference has enabled The Lodge to expand and become a successful chain of Bistros. However as time has gone on Bistros and outlets selling food have become more and more common. There are food outlets everywhere, all competing for custom and trying to be a little different to their rivals. The format of a French bistro has been replicated by many eating establishments and a large multinational chain. In order to survive this The Lodge has tried to stick rigidly to the original format that made it so successful. However, in the desire to keep the original format The Lodge has missed some opportunities to modernise and cope with the ever changing demands of modern consumers. To change the current situation the CEO of The Lodge bistros has given the managers of each individual branch complete control of its running. With the aim of meeting agreed targets as opposed to being inspected to ensure they are keeping with the format of the Bistros. This strategy is affecting the image of the brand as now all of The Lodge Bistros are not the same. Some sell different foods; have different decor and prices range. This is also having an effect on the managers. Some are doing well, some not so well. The longstanding staff are not happy about the change and the newer managers are working in a different way.

Working to a SWOT framework it will be easier to identify the problems facing The Lodge Bistros and work out strategies to change this. For example simply by listing the strengths and weaknesses of the business it will show how one of the main strengths is the fact that it an established brand that has been able to expand by keeping its original format. As it says in book “competitive advantage arises from the unique features.” Having said that, the company does also need to keep up with changing times. This may mean that it has to keep all branches the same but perhaps...
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