Sports passion

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As an athlete you need to focus on the "little things", the aspects of your game that you directly control. You have control over how you execute your Joni and defense. You have control over your hustle, your speed, your drive and your effort. You have control as you are positioning your body against your opponent. You have control over your attitude, your spirit, your passion, and your good sportsmanship.

The bigger things are not in your direct control. Don't concern yourself with the referees (or officials), or the way the other team is performing. You can't control the crowd, the coaches, or your teammates. Don't focus on these aspects. The bigger things will take care of themselves.

If you focus on the bigger things- the score, the calls, or the opponent, then your individual effort will suffer. Blocks will be missed, rebounds will be lost, turn-overs will happen. Keep your mind and body focused on only the items that you can control and that you need to perform.

When you execute the little things to perfection, then the score and the victory will take care of themselves! The victory will happen. It will happen because each one of you has done your part. Your collective efforts will come together as a victory. My passion is sport. I love sport because of the excitement of winning and the great team work skills you develop. It’s not always about winning, it’s about learning to give your best and encouraging teammates to do the same. What I love about playing sport is meeting new people, and developing strong friendships that could last a lifetime. Sport just isn’t about the fitness, it’s about the fun and the teamwork.
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