Sport Science

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Personal Statement
My passion in sports has driven me to apply for the programme of Sports Science and Physical Education offered by Your University. As both a basketball player and coach, sports have been an integral part of my life. Sports Science encompasses a wide range of studies, including physiology, psychology, anatomy, biomechanics and biochemistry. Acquiring the above knowledge may equip one to become a sports researcher who can help enhance a player's performance through reducing the chance of injuries and managing the dietary habits. Therefore, your programme interests me a lot. Currently studying Sports and Recreation Management in HPCC, I have some background knowledge in Sports Science. I also studied Physical Education, Psychology and Biology in high school. I have done assignments about Physical Education in High School.The assignment topics concern sports learning and dieting. The assignments werechallenging and they have improved my knowledge in Physical Education. My studies in Biology enable me to learn about how nutrition affects a player’s performance. Classes of Psychology enrich my knowledge as to how different psychological factors and mental states of a player can contribute to the varied outcomes of a match.My working experience as a basketball coach as well as being a staff member of C2 Sports has fostered my leadership and communication skills. These two jobs have been a challenge for me. In coaching, I need to come up with different ways to improve the players’ performance.During a match, determination and precision are crucial and my experience in coaching enables me to make quick decisions accurately. Ialso need to communicate with other coaches andplayers. Patience is essential especially incommunicating with team players. I have to point out their weaknesses and correct them during practice. Making them stronger is my mission. It is both exciting and interesting for me.In C2 Sports Company, I need to organize the timetable...
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