Sports Phycology Outline

Topics: Psychology, Sport psychology, Goal Pages: 2 (533 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Speech outline
Name: Jimmy Barriosspeaking date: 3/4/13
General topic: Sports Phycology
Specific Purpose: I want the audience to know the pressure that athletes go under and how sports psychologists help them when under such pressure. Organizational Patterns: Topical

Attention Getter: Quote, Yogi Berra once said, Baseball is 90% mental, and the other half is physical.

Purpose Statements: Today, Id like to take the opportunity to explain how valuable sports phycology and how it doesn’t just work with sports.

Reason to listen: According to Dr. Stephen Walker from, Podium Sports Journal, Sports Phycology allows to gain a positive better mental, get and keep you motivated, making you achieve goals you set for yourself, etc.


1. Motivation
2. Rewards
3. Sports phycology in life

Transition: Lets start out by talking about what sports phycology is and why its important. Body
A.) According to Dr. Laura Miele-Conlon, from Elite sports medicine, “Sport psychology is the study of emotional and psychological factors that effect sport performance in individual and group dynamics.” B.) The importance of it Sports phycology is all-mental preparation. Mental Preparation is the key to any successful performance. As Stated by Miele-Conlon, “In order to be fully prepared, athletes must find a mental regimen that works for them. Learning to be disciplined takes time, maturity, and experience… it also provides them with experiences to better understand themselves and establish their identity, thereby, playing a critical role in the individual’s personal growth and development.” Transition: Setting rewards for yourself. It could be short term (college student would be to win the Heisman) or long-term goals (like winning the super bowl along with other personal achievements) II. Setting Goals in order to better build yourself.

A.) According to News article, Mind tools, “Goal setting is a...

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