Topics: Exercise, Heart, Largest high school gyms in the United States Pages: 7 (2629 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Name: Zuhrotul Inayah / 11320098
Class: B
Subject: Writing
Doing sport activities are mostly done to keep health such as jogging, riding bike, and doing gym by many people. These are done twice every week especially at Monday and Saturday because these are a free day and they have many free times to do sport activities. Then, sport is very satisfied to get a good healthy and is useful activities. Sport could give more positive result than doing something which is not beneficial like sleeping during a free day. Someone guess that sleeping is an alternative which could less their weary activities during they work in a week. Actually, they apply a wrong way to resolve their wearying activities. Then, preferring to do exercise is more good selection than sleeping all day because it does not give a good healthy. Riding bike, jogging, and doing gym which have definitions and histories before used by many people will make health for body and provides benefit for environment, and economic aspect and need some properties. Riding bike is one of sports which are interested by many people; this sport applies a bicycle and sometimes does not need much money to do it. Skill is needed to do riding bike, the main skill which should be had by bikers to generate balance of their bodies. This sport is delighted by people; there is no limitation age and gender. Riding bike was done by teenager, adult, and old people. Some researchers found that riding bike provides many benefits from a simpler sport activity, especially for health of body (Ari, 2010). Riding a bike an hour in a day, it will nearly make our bodies more immune from influenza than people who do not ride bike an hour in a day. The history of riding bike, since its inception in 1817 bicycle was to be transportation. At first, the front wheel is large than the wheel on the back. Therefore position of the rider slightly elevated and it is very dangerous because bicycle could not be controlled by the rider. In 1988, J. K. Starley from England completed his bike with chain and serrations to make the both of wheels had same size. Although bike racing was made previously but a new bike creation encourages a bike racing as sport (Polygon, 2009). Thus, growth of bike is given influence for people to comfort of using bike. There are four kinds of riding bike: Road (street), track, mountain biking and BMX. Road race begins with a mass start. Distance running for men is as far as 239 miles and 120 miles for women. For time track racing, the length is calculated based on time, starting with 90 seconds. The distance for men is about 46.8 miles and 31.2 for women. Then, Mountain biking is included of sport bike. The distance for men and women are about 400 meters. The last, BMX is started late 60s in California, when the same time, motocross was popular in America. At the early 70s, a BMX community was founded. Benefit riding bike for healthy aspect are often burn fat in our bodies is about 60 minutes every day helping of burning 300-500 calories. Similarly, not only applies benefit for our muscles like hand and feet, but also riding bike is a good for heart muscle. It increases health of cardiovascular, blood vessel and less of heart attack too. However, for people who have heart attack should consultancy with doctor before chosen a riding bike as sport. Then, riding bike could keep waist size is still ideal and lengthen age because research shows that reading bike every time could add age people, for train coordination skill our bodies, increasing a good for mental health, and increasing immune system all at once to be protection device for any kind of cancer. On the other hand, someone who has heart attack should avoid riding bike (Inimediaku, 2012). Benefit riding bike for environment, environment becomes fine if applying bike to everywhere or to doing sport. The reason, bike does not mostly occur air pollution. In contrast, according to EPA, transportation or motto-bike...
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