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Why Study Sport and Exercise Psychology?
Working with another one of your classmates, complete the following activities: Select two of the following scenarios and develop a group response to the situation posed. Be as specific and detailed as you can be. Document your response at the end of this worksheet. Record each group member’s name on the worksheet. Print or save a copy of your completed worksheet, one for each member of your group. You will hand this sheet in at the end of your discussion.

Scenario 1: Athletic Trainer
Mary Jo, the head athletic trainer at Campbell State College, has been working with Campbell’s star running back, Kevin Jones, who is recovering from knee surgery. Kevin has made tremendous progress over the spring and summer and has achieved a 99% physical recovery. The coaches, however, have noticed that Kevin still favors the knee he injured in practice and is very hesitant when making cutbacks. Mary Jo knows that Kevin has physically recovered, but she’s not sure how to help him regain his former confidence. What would be beneficial for Mary Jo to do?

Scenario 2: Coach
Jeff is the point guard on the high school basketball team that you coach. For your team to repeat as league champions, Jeff needs to play well, especially in clutch situations. However, you have learned from coaching Jeff last season that he becomes very nervous during competition. In fact, the bigger the game or the more critical the situation, the more nervous Jeff becomes and the worse he plays. Your biggest coaching challenge this season will be helping Jeff learn to manage stress. What are you going to do?

Scenario 3: Fitness Leader
Sally is serving in her second year as fitness director for the St. Peters Hospital Cardiac Rehabilitation Program. She spent countless hours in her first year organizing and initiating her aerobic fitness program for individuals recovering from cardiac arrest. The program was very well received by both the patients...
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