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Part 2: It’s Not an Easy Life After Death
Once a person passes away it is always a difficult time to for the family to make decisions regarding said person. However normally the person has already decided what they want to do with their remains. There are several options to choose from, to name a few: a traditional funeral with the casket, the flowers and etc., donating your body to science, or the remains can be cremated. No matter what is decided to do with the remains after death, there is no doubt that donated bodies are in for wild posthumous adventures that can either save lives or assist in new discoveries pertaining to the human physiology.

After you have donated your remains to science it becomes the institutes (the one your body now belongs to) decision of what will happened to you. One alternative is that your remains will be sent to a university. However one of the most common misconceptions is that your remains will be sent to a university where medical students will be hacking you to pieces. Medical students who are given the experience of working with “fresh” remains must have a vast amount of respect for their cadavers (at several universities if a student does not respect the remains they can be asked to leave the program). Many universities make their students take a seminar taught by past students and teachers who have had experience working with cadavers. They give the current students an idea of what they will be doing throughout the year and how it affects one psychologically. Normally medical students are given parts of the body, not an entire cadaver as most people believe. You could be sent to a university for medical students to learn about the human body, or even for them to learn how to do surgeries.
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