Anatomy of the Future

Topics: Galen, Humorism, Avicenna Pages: 2 (454 words) Published: June 14, 2013
Anatomy of the Future
Andreas Vesalius
August 1, 1539
After attending college at the University of Louvain, I moved to Padua to study for my doctorate. After being offered the chair of surgery and anatomy, I pursued my desire to research the anatomy. Although surgery and anatomy are considered of little importance in comparison to other branches of medicine, I believe that surgery must be grounded in anatomy. I have been given the opportunity to perform my research on the cadavers of executed criminals after many years of only studying primates. This will increase my dissection material and provide a means in which I can compare the apes with the human. Due to various religious reasons, human cadavers have not been made available in times past. I see the world adapting to the importance of surgery and anatomy in medicine and this opportunity will increase my knowledge, therefore, allowing me to extend my research to others. I have researched the philosophy of my predecessor, Galen. Galen made great strides in the observation of the human anatomy. My research in contrast to Galen has confirmed his theory of the four humours, and how each of these four humours relate to three principal points of the body: head (phlegm), heart (blood), liver (black bile), and gallbladder (yellow bile). I have a great advantage in comparison to Galen's research because of my dissection of the human cadavers. I have found that humans do not share the same anatomy as apes. Galen was not provided with the opportunity to prove this theory. Galen's theory of bloodletting led me to write a pamphlet that confirmed his theory but also supports my knowledge of the blood system. This pamphlet shows clearly how anatomical dissection can be used to test speculation and it underlines the importance of the structure of the human body in medicine. Bloodletting has become a popular treatment for a variety of illnesses. Because of this popular pamphlet, a Paduan Judge has invested in my...

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