Stiff Essay

Topics: Death, Dissection / Pages: 2 (390 words) / Published: Dec 17th, 2014
Natalia Reynoso
Ms. Bestgen
18 November 2014
101 Ways to Use your Cadaver One of the main points that the author of Stiff, Mary Roach, attempted to portray is the importance that human cadavers are to be treated with the upmost respect. In the first quote that is presented everything that Roach discusses about respect seems to be contradicted. I selected this quote because it made me imagine the cadaver as a simple laundry sack that is being used as a target to shoot at. Of course this act is not simply just for target practice, the information retrieved from this wound in the cadaver is used for important research. This is but one way that a human corpse is utilized, as Roach describe other forms of using a corpse further in the book. Who would have known that nailing a cadaver to a homemade cross would contribute to the attempted discovery as to how Jesus died on the crucifix? This is yet another use for cadavers that Mary Roach presented within the next few pages of excerpt. It is almost as if there is no emotion shown when stunts like this are “reenacted” with cadavers. It becomes clear to see that although cadavers are highly respected, it seems as though they are treated and used otherwise. Prior to reading Stiff, I did not know that head transplants were even possible. My third quote states that the heads of cadavers were literally removed from one cadaver and switched with another. It really is a fascinating idea that a human could survive, and that it is possible. The whole process seemed a bit experimental to me, and of course Mary Roach made it seem more nonchalant then what it really is. After finishing the novel I came to realize not only that there is an important significance that human cadavers have, but I also came to realize all the different ways that they are used. The style of writing that Mary Roach used was a bit comical at times, and it gave me the feeling that she almost did not take things seriously. It immediately reminded

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