Sponsorship as a Marketing Tool

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When we are waiting for train or are listening radio, we are not difficult to discover that some corporate company is usually listed on the bottom of the event advertisement or promotion, even named as a title sponsor. This phenomenal become very common in event marketing. On the sponsorship hand, they are why would like to sponsor these event and how to get benefit and the overall success in the market after their contribution for the event.

Definition of sponsorship
The definition of sponsorship is supporting an event, activity or organization by providing money or other resources that is of value to the sponsored event. This is usually in return for advertising space at the event or as part of the publicity for the event.[1] Also, sponsorship is not only as a donation or fund raising, but also a successful and effective marketing strategy.

Enhancing visibility and image
No matter which marketing method they use, corporate sponsorship of event is easier than other method as only advertisement to enhance their brand image and exposure in a wide range of public because of the media coverage. Media can draw large numbers of peoples’ attention and can be the most effective marketing tools. Also, this publicity increases the visibility of the company's products and services. The various kinds of media that cover the event usually include the names, and even pictures, of the sponsors.[2] Other than media, the company logo/brand name is also shown on event promotional poster and materials, event website, etc. For instant, Nike is a significant sample of sponsorship and is also one of the major clothing and footwear sponsors in terms of tennis players, golf players and world club in football during the past 20 years especially – Serena Williams, Martín del Potro (tennis player), Paul Casey, Trevor Immelman (golf player) and Brazil, Portugal (football club) as an example – some of them is more successful players or clubs currently or...
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