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Our spoken language has changed a lot over the years, words we use know probably would not make any sense to those who live years ago. Simple phrases such as “sick” would normally describe a person who is ill, however as it has become a big part of the teenage vocabulary the meaning has been adapted and changed to showing something that is cool and amazing. Also our spoken language changes depending on our situation or the environment around us. We talk to certain people in different ways, such as with your friend you would talk more informal and use more slang however if you were looking for a job you would talk standard English and more formally.

Although I have got my own dialect, my way of speaking always changes, this is due to the fact that I have to adapt and change my spoken language to fit the situation that I am in. I feel the need to change the way I speak in certain situations as in a business environment I would not use slang as I would get judged and misread, also in a job interview I would talk formal as this would make me sound more professional and mature. Also my spoken language changes as I feel I would not fit in and I feel afraid of getting excluded and being forced into speaking a certain way.

However when I am talking to my friends I use more informal language and use more slang this is because as they are the same age as me I don’t need to show them respect and I can say whatever I feel like. With my friends I use more slang as they understand what I am saying and they talk slang back.
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