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During this language study I learnt a lot about my idiolect, sociolect and the criticisms & stereotypes on teenager languages. In order to find out I recorded a survey and made a transcript of a conversation of mine with my friends.

My mum would always remind me that I am still a Filipino. And to always respect other people especially the ones who are older than you. And that she don’t want me to adopt British teenagers attitudes-rude, impolite, arrogant bunch. She was just being stereotypical- like other adults. Not all adults. I guess it can’t be help because my mum encountered a teenage boy on the bus and told her to get off the seat because he wanted to sit down on thee seat by the window. This shows how incidents in our life can influence and change our views on things-like my mum.

I did a questionnaire based on my idiolect. After asking a few people I found out that I use a lot of hedges ‘kind of’ which I failed to notice, I usually use this when my friends are asking me something negative, like, do I look ugly? Am I dumb? I don’t say no, I use hedges because I don’t want to be straight forward and hurt their feelings. And they also noticed that I usually use elision, for example, saying ‘it’s’ instead of ‘it is’, it is normal amongst teenager as it is our style of speaking and can be caused by accent.

I recorded a conversation I had with my friends. After analysing the transcript I discovered that I get very assertive –when trying to get my point across-as I interrupted the others quit a lot. Also I realised as I looked back at my transcript that I repeated ‘no it’s....’ when I interrupt and correct my friends, this suggest that I am quite a perfectionist. As of my idiolect I notice that I use quit a lot of fillers such as ‘ummmm.’ to give myself time to think. This makes sense because I don’t speak English as my first language therefore I need time to construct my sentences before saying it.

My tone and my attitude in the conversation suggest...
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