Personal Statement English Language And Linguistics

Topics: Learning, English language, European Union Pages: 2 (731 words) Published: April 15, 2015
The human brain has special functions. Unlike other animals, we developed through time being gifted with a special value: language. Engrossed in the theory of Chomsky, I have been intrigued by the human’s innate language acquisition structure and have grown up flourished by my passion of being intellectually able to seize this concept. This idea, in combination with my personal experiences, has made me consider studying English Language and Linguistics in further depth.

My early years as a child were undoubtedly full of interaction with the English Language. I clearly remember the first time I held a literature book in my hands: it was an English one. Even though I was still unable to understand the meaning of the passage, I was ardently trying to understand it through relevant images and never stopped attempting to pronounce the words in the text. But this was just the beginning. At the age of eight, I started attending afternoon English classes. Soon, I found myself fascinated about grammar, reading and vocabulary. My inert desire of learning and expanding my knowledge, led me study the following chapter, trying to grasp, without being taught about the specific curriculum. As I became older, I started broadening my horizons by applying precise analysis to language data. In addition, the four-years study of ancient Greek at school enhanced my keen interest in finding the roots of many interesting English words I had learned at that time.

As a motivated and active individual, I took part in the Pancyprian Student Competition hosted by the Greek embassy in Cyprus, in which I have been awarded the fourth place amongst all my contemporaries in Cyprus. The ideas and concepts discussed in the essay were the responsibilities and rights of European Citizens and the protection of their cultural identity. I feel that this experience helped me develop a more open-minded approach towards the world’s sociopolitical happenings and being actively up-to-date with what...
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