Spf 50 Research Paper

Topics: Ultraviolet, Cancer, Sunscreen, Sunlight, Sun, Vitamin D / Pages: 4 (840 words) / Published: May 1st, 2017
Although UV radiation is a good reason to stay indoors to avoid the sun there are ways to enjoy the sun and still be protected. For example staying inside of a patio , under a beach umbrella or car could help protect skin from UV radiation however you should seek further resources because some UV rays like UVB can pass through those leaving your skin exposed. To further protect the skin people typically use sun protection lotions with different levels which provide more or less protection. SPF 50 provides about two percent more protection than SPF 30 and 5 more percent than SPF 15. The highest level of SPF is 100 which protects 99 percent of the skin but no factor can protect it 100 percent(The American Cancer Society medical and editorial …show more content…
It promotes a strong immune system. Medicines for colds and flu have a dose of baker's yeast (Moyad, 2008). The connection between Baker's yeast and UV radiation is the effect it has on the immune system, which should have a counter interaction due to the fact that Baker's yeast enhances the immune system while UV radiation negatively affects the immune system (Moyad, 2008). Bakers yeast is also has a rapid cell division and can easily be tested in laboratory settings. Since they follow basic growth standards for experimentation this makes for a great yeast cell to use(Duina et al, …show more content…
The first plate was labeled with our initials, lab section, one half was called the exposed and the other half was called foiled protected. The second had four sections labeled- Coconut oil, SPF 50, Sunglass and Control. Next, 0.15 ml of yeast was pipetted onto the two separate agars. Then the disposable L-rod spreader was used to spread the liquid so that the agar surfaces are evenly covered. Then the plates were placed in a dark place for 20 minutes. After the 20 minutes the first plate with the exposed half and foiled half, the the foiled half of plate was covered with dark aluminum foil. The second plate had coconut oil, SPF 50, and sunglass lens applied to its designated area on top on the led of the plate, not directly on the yeast. One section was free of any condition on the second plate as an control to compare the other conditions with. Then, both plates were exposed to the UVB source for 1 minute and 50 seconds. Then they were removed and placed upside down in 30 degrees Celsius incubator for 2 days then refrigerated. After this period the colonies should were counted. the survival rate for the first plate with the exposed half and foiled half was calculated. Also find survival rate of each condition( SPF 50, sunglass, and coconut oil) using the control section as the comparing factor was

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