Safety of Outdoor Play

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Safety of outdoor play for children

Safety of outdoor play-
. Keep children well hydrated. Always bring some bottled water and encourage your child to take sips throughout the day . Use helmets. make sure that he is using a safe helmet that fits well, and make sure it is in good condition when using it. . Make sure that there is no broken glass on the ground, or tripping hazards hidden in the grass, ant hills, wasp nests, or slippery surfaces. . Tend to damaged apparatus. If it is beyond repair, take it down and dispose of it. . Keep your grass cut, Keeping your grass short will help prevent tripping accidents or run-ins with outdoor creatures. . Keep kids off the streets. Take kids to local parks etc.

. Use insect repellant. Tics can spread Lymes disease, mosquitoes can spread West Nile Virus and, in some areas, encephalitis. . Use sun screen, Protect your child's young skin with a sun screen that has an SPF of 15 or higher. . Make sure fences and railings are safe.

. Supervise. There is no aspect of child safety more important than close adult supervision.
. Playgrounds and outdoor play equipment provide fun, fresh air, and exercise. But they also can pose some safety hazards. . Before you visit a playground, check to make sure that play areas are designed to allow an adult to clearly see kids while they're playing on all the equipment. . Adult supervision, Parents can help prevent playground accidents by taking some precautions Surfaces , A proper playground surface is one of the most important factors in reducing injuries — and the severity of injuries — that occur when kids fall from equipment . S. Supervision of children in the outdoor play area

A. Age Appropriate equipment in the play area
F. Fall surfacing in the proper depth under equipment over four feet in height E. Equipment maintenance.

. Adult Supervision
. Age...
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