Sperm Whale

Topics: Sperm whale, Ambergris, Endangered species Pages: 2 (401 words) Published: August 25, 2013
Sperm whale can be a good symbol of WWF.Sperm whale is very special, because of ambergris. Ambergris is a solid, waxy, flammable substance of a dull grey or blackish color produced in the digestive system of sperm whale. When initially expelled by or removed from the whale, The fatty precursor of ambergris is pale white in color (sometimes streaked with black), soft, with a strong fecal smell.

Ambergris is one of the most popular substances in the world. Nowadays, gold just is $30/g, however, Ambergris is $20/g. In Herman Melville masterpiece Moby-Dick, he said ambergris was found in the inglorious bowels of a sick whale. It used to be widely used in spice, aromatic, baking power and pomade. Ambergris is a kind of very good fixative for the perfume. Many name-brand perfumes contain ambergris, like channel NO.5. In 2005, a classical perfume which has 200 years history re-launched by limited edition. Every bottom of the perfume reached up to $11000. Ambergris is the main ingredient of this perfume which was originally made for French Queen Mary. Adrienne Beuse is the boss of a international natural ambergris commercial company called Ambergris Essentials in New Zealand. She said ambergris is one of the rare anti-recession commodity in the world, and If she had the source of supply, she would always have idea to sale it out. The 'junkman' who usually stay near the sea gets rich because of the ambergris. 2011in New Zealand North island, people found more than 40 kg ambergris, it was rumored that it made these people earn $400,000. That make the process of scramble for ambergris become very cruel. Many people want to get more money from selling the ambergris.However, in many countries ban the trade of ambergris as part of a more general ban on the hunting and exploitation of sperm whales. Such as in American Endangered Species Act of 1973 the possession and trade of ambergris is prohibited. Besides, in Australia Under federal law, the export...
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