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Topics: Sperm whale, Whale, Contract Pages: 2 (582 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Report from the project „Contract between Vegan and Jetta about Sperm Whale”

On begin I was thinking shall I write a report as me or as a company, but I think that student’s report will be more valuable.

1. The preparation
On begin when I have read the paper, I was shocked that the company is buying whole Sperm Whales from 11 years to get only Ambergris from it, a specially that there is a method to produce synthetic one. I have read also that Ambergris is a “grey gold” and it is great in perfume market. My first idea was that Jetta is doing the same but then I changed my mind because they would know about such a valuable thing and as an agent I would know that they are supplier of Ambergris. I made an idea that I didn’t put into preparation because I was not sure about many information: If Jetta needs only Ambergris what is possible because I did not know that they are a supplier of it we could buy all of sperm whales from Whales Hunting Ltd. for the price from last year – 25.000$ - share costs and ambergris between us without expanding our companies what wouldn’t be a bad proposal for me and invest the rest money in research and development – laboratory – to invent a method of producing synthetic ambergris. It would provide us smaller costs, great income in long term perspective and divide the risk.

2. The Offer
We have met and I have started the conversation from a question “What does your company need”. After he told me that they need sperm whales I asked him to specify it. From this moment our negotiation was spontaneous taking into account new information and we were trying to pay as less as we can and take as much profits from reselling rest of animals. In the end as you already know from the contract I decided to let Robert (Jetta) process whales, stock it and resell the rest. In the end I have paid a half of expenses for buying whales and shipping it when I had only to care about shipping ready ambergris to UK and pay for it. Jetta had...
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