Speech for Parents and Kids

Topics: Responsibility, Social responsibility, Individual responsibility Pages: 1 (318 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Katie Kline
English II Period 1
29 March 2013
Survey Analysis
A. Questions:
1.Should parents be held responsible for the actions of their children? Yes or No 2.What age do you think children should start taking their own responsibilities? _10_13_16_18 3.On a scale 1-10 how often do you think the parents should take the consequences for their child? Never 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Always 4.Does the age of the child change the consequence of their actions? Yes or No 5.Do you think there is a situation when the parents should always take responsibility? If you agree name the situation. B. Mean Responses:

Fixed Responses- On question number 1 my audience, on average, agreed that the parents should be responsible. 70% said yes and 40% said no. Question number 2 5% of the audience said age 10 is when the child is mature enough to take responsibility for their actions, 35% said age 13, 35% said age 16 and 25% said age 18. For question number 3 my surveyed audience believes that the parent should take responsibility a little bit more than half of the time. Although they believe the parent should take responsibilities for their children, they also strongly believe that the age of the child take a tool on what the outcome is. 85% of the class agrees that the age does change the consequence, 15% believe that the age has no effect. From my open response question I learned that more than half of my peers think the parents are ultimately responsible for their children. C. I inferred most of my audience believes the parents should take responsibility, but they also believe it depends on the child’s age and the situation they are in. Due to the surveyed students I now know where to really cover and focus on during my speech.
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