How to Make a Questionnaire

Topics: Child discipline Pages: 2 (352 words) Published: August 23, 2013
The following survey contains questions about “Situation of teenager’s freedom in Bangladesh”. The findings gathered from this survey will be incorporated into a research paper. I would appreciate your honest answer to the following questions. General subject Information

Age: _______ Occupation: __________________
Survey Questions
(Circle all the letters that apply)

Q1. Do you think teenagers need more freedom?
a) Yes
b) Maybe
c) to some extent
d) No
Q2. Do you think behavior of today’s teenagers is shocking because of the modern life style they are in now? a) No
b) In some case
c) May be
d) Yes
Q3. In physical discipline needed to keep a teenager being in the accurate path? a) No
b) Only when out of Control
c) In some case
Q4 Do you think generation gap is now more than before is it reaching in an extreme point? a) Yes
b) May Be
c) Change in values
d) No
Q5. Do you feel (if a senior) superior in front of a teenager? a) Yes, I do
b) Sometime
c) Never thought of that
d) why should I be.
Q6.Do you think religious activities can make a teenager a better person? a) Yes
b) May be
c) I don’t know
d) No
Q7.Do u agree with that emotional problems for teenagers can be far more difficult than financial ones? a) Absolutely yes
b) In most of the case
c) No
d) May be
Q8. Today’s teenagers tomorrow are leaders. Don’t you think it is wise to let them decided their own destiny rather than the parents and society? a) Yes
b) Ok, but with proper guidance
c) May be, May be not
d) No, because they don’t know what is best for them
Q9. Do you appreciate that “The teenagers have a different view of the world and we should respect their opinions”? a) Yes
b) not in all case
c) No
d) May b
Q10. Do you think freedom will make a teenager a spoiled brat? a) Yes it will.
b) Too much Freedom
c) May be
d) No
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