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Public Speaking

Topic : Mobile phone
General Purpose: To inform
Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the dangerous using mobile phone while driving vehicles. Central idea: Driving while using a hand held mobile phone can cause both physical and mental distraction and accident will occurred. Introduction:

Driving is a complex activity, both physical and mental must be concentrated without distraction. Everybody in the world uses mobile phone because this mobile phone become necessary their live. But some others people using mobile phone while driving, it could be dangerous. Driver distraction is one of the main cause of road crashes and using a mobile phone is very highly risks to distracting. A person who using a hand held or hands free mobile phone while driving its take four times more likely to have seriously accident that resulting from the hospital.


I. Drivers are mostly to get an accident when distraction occurred while using mobile phone. a.i.1.a.i.1. According to AAA Foundation for Traffic Safe analysed a nationally-representative sample of crashes that occurred between 1995 and 1999 and resulted in one or more passenger vehicles having to be towed due to damage, and found that 8.3% of drivers in these crashes were reported to have been distracted . The most common sources of distraction detected in these crashes were an outside person, object, or event (29.4% of crash-in volved drivers); adjusting the radio, cassette, or CD (11.4%), passengers (10.9%). Distraction related to the use of a cell phone was cited in 1.5% of crashes. a.i.1.a.i.2. The researcher found that the potential distractions in which the greatest proportion of drivers engaged were manipulating the vehicle controls (100% of drivers), conversing with passengers (77% of drivers), eating or drinking (71% of drivers), and grooming (46% of drivers). II. The risks of using a cellular phone while driving.

A. use of a cellular phone while driving can increase...
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