Topics: Feeling, Fijian people, Fiji Pages: 2 (762 words) Published: October 23, 2013
A watchful and silent gaze out the miniature glass window observed a wispy range of fresh, white clouds surrounding the large plane as it glided through the air just like scissors cut through paper. Four-and-a-half hours of gorgeous views of a golden sunset decreasing through the violet gaze would stun the average layman on a usually boring plane trip like this. As the large air carrier began to sink through the deep, blue sky, beautiful views of a naturally tropical terrain shone through as the first images of the islands of Fiji. When the plane wheels smacked the runway floor with a thud, an immediate feeling of ‘home’ was felt. Walking onto solid ground for the first time in hours was a delightful feeling that was briefly disturbed by the humid, warm conditions of a normal Fijian day. Next on the agenda was a two-hour drive through dangerous, primitive, windy roads to reach the destination of slumber for the next two weeks; a truly scary experience to say the least, but one worth remembering. Conversation with the areas locals was amazing, due to their basic knowledge of English, and also the fact that happiness, joy and glee was the only feelings they knew. Their introduction to the resort’s activities gave a sense of adventure and thrill for the upcoming fortnight. A general feel of excitement filled the air at that moment. Exploring the resort had a truly exotic and relaxing feel, matching perfectly with the staff’s attitude. Lounging by the pool, sitting by the bar, having a chilled out lunch upstairs, mustering a slow energy to participate in a quiet and peaceful canoe, casually enjoying a delicious Fijian ice-cream of milkshake or having a swing of the golf club were just a few of the activities to keep the naïve tourist entertained. The view of the shared, unique apartment room boasted a view of the beach and ocean, something the eye cannot resist. Lazy days by the pool, followed by crazy shopping tours in town filled incredible days that will never...
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