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The LPO Group invites Licensees to the first formal meeting on the 23rd March 2013 in Sydney St Peter Chanel Church Hall, 60 Kingsland Road, Berala NSW
A range of products and suppliers will be displayed. All Class Insurance Brokers will introduce the LPO Group Insurance package.​ Displays open for inspection from 10am ​Licensee meeting will start at 1.30 pm.

Agenda Items
LPO Ready
A new association is being formed to fight for a fairer deal for LPOs. Priority includes seeking a halt to the falling payments and reducing values of our businesses – while Australia Post reports ever rising profits which are clearly at our expense

Legal Presentation
The legal firm retained by the LPO Group will introduce themselves and detail the legal avenues available to bring about change. This is an exciting time for Licensed Post Offices all over Australia. With a change in our conditions and payments the future looks very promising. Australia Post is booming, and so shall we. F.A.A. Presentation

The Franchisee Association of Australia, which the LPO Group has joined, will make a presentation of the past experiences and the lessons that have been learnt. The F.A.A. has been working for Franchisees and with the F.C.C for many years. Australia Post is the biggest Franchisor in Australia, so that makes us the largest group of Franchisees. With the support of the F.A.A. we shall achieve change and restore the balance to our Agreement. ​Election of Committee Members

We will elect a committee to begin the process of our formal association. We plan to have National, State and Regional panels that will work together to provide universal access for our members. Action Plan ​

The meeting will discuss our options to help bring about necessary changes to our relationship with Australia Post. We will develop a plan and implementation timeline and explore the feasibility of work to payment action, and Licensees support for that path. Members Submissions

Will also cover any...
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