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Sperm cells

Xylem cells

are specialised to find a female cell (egg cells) and join with it. They have tails, that makes them move in water to find and fertilize the female cell. They can move because they have many mitochondria located between the tail and the head, which gives them energy. In the head, there is a vacuole filled with acrosome, which is a specialized Lysosome that releases enzymes in order for the Sperm Cell to break into the Egg Cell, through the outer egg coat. The nucleus has many chromosomes because it contains the father’s genetic information. Egg Cells

used as the plant’s support and conducting water has lignin all over its cell wall, which makes the cell wall very rigid. This is why the xylem is so stiff and whole, so it could support the plant and keep the plant upright. Xylem cells Pipe – like columns, has no cytoplasm so that water can pass easily and no end wall so that the cells can make a continuous tube Phloem cell

 

Function : transport sugar (the product of the plant’s photosynthesis) to all parts of the plant Structure : no nucleus so sugar flow is not disturbed, pores in sieve plates so sugars are able to pass through cell to the other and companion cell, it help carries life processes of the sieve tubes

Compiled from: Josephine 7f, Nicholas J S 7d, Chelsea.A 7d, Celline.N 7d,Alexander 7f, Jocelyn Tjahjono, 7e , Anastasia 7d with some modification by Ms Ira

are specialized to join with a male cell (sperm cells) to form a new cell of the next generation, then to feed the new cell. as their external surface, egg cells have a special structure called the outer egg coat, or layer of jelly, to protect the cell from harmful damages. The outer egg coat also contains receptors that helps the egg interacts with same species of sperm cells. Egg cells have a large area of cytoplasm in order to store food for the new formed cell (called embryo). Their nucleus holds the mother’s genetic...
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