Special Place

Topics: Left-wing politics, Infant, Political spectrum Pages: 1 (360 words) Published: May 18, 2014
The Special Place
The family room is an addition built to the back of our house. It is used for many purposes including doing homework, eating meals, and hosting parties. There are many pictures hanging on the wall, but the one that stands out is a 3-D decoupage. The 3-D decoupage is special to me since it contains the Special Place.

The center of the 3-D decoupage is the Special Place. The Special Place has many grooved stones as well as fresh green grass growing from the cracks. In front of the Special Place there are three books. Each book is on top of the other. They are jumping out at you. The books have crinkly old paper that I can hear flapping in the wind. A white little bird with a red beak is perched on top of the Special Place. When I listen closely, I can hear the bird chirping and tweeting. It sounds like a cry of a newborn baby. I am also able to hear the wind blowing and rumbling in the air. The wind sounds like the blowing of a whistle.

In the upper left corner there are many clouds that are as gray as the exhaust smoke from a car. One cloud looks like a person, another like the Special Place, and a third like a rabbit eating a carrot. On the center cloud, which is shaped like a book, there is shiny gold raised letters singing a prayer. In the far distance, you can see houses and buildings that people are living in. They look very brownish, as they are quite old. The center left of the picture includes many mountains that are extremely colorful. Some are lavender and others yellow. In the bottom right there is one small hill right in front of the Special Place. It is a fantastic addition to our family room adding a special touch especially since it was handmade. Its multiple colors as well as 3-D appearance helps make the room come alive. When I gaze at the picture, I feel as if I am one of the men sitting surrounded by these men of deep devotion.
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