Special Education Case Study

Topics: Special education, Resource room, Educational psychology Pages: 5 (1994 words) Published: November 30, 2014
Case Study Benchmark Assessment
When working with students who have special needs, it is imperative that they are given the proper resources, support and placed in the most beneficial learning environment. Included in this paper is a reflection and analysis of a 5th grader named Jacob. Jacob has ADHD as well as emotional and behavioral disorders. His academic skills are below his grade level, he does not like school and he also is very confrontational. The analysis includes the various learning environments, how they can improve and/or hinder Jacob’s learning, the types of services he should receive, the various technological tools that could be beneficial for him as well as the collaboration models that should be used amongst his teachers.

Inclusion would work well for Jacob in a variety of ways. Jacob would receive a lot of extra support that the inclusion classroom provides. He would be able to have access to classroom aides who could provide a more on one instruction but more importantly Jacob would have other peers who are not necessarily deemed as being disabled. This is an extremely important benefit. By Jacob having other students surrounding him who are not special needs, he is able to have the chance to create friendships that he normally wouldn’t be exposed to in a self-contained classroom. These other students, having been in a class with Jacob, are likely to be more accepting of Jacob. Jacob can also learn from his peers and grow emotionally and behaviorally by seeing how they interact with each other. The down side to inclusion is that it might be too overwhelming for Jacob and could contribute to his emotional outbursts. His emotional outbursts could also hinder the learning ability of the other students around him. If Jacob is frequently having temper tantrums and emotional outbursts, than this can cause disruptions that could lead to the others students learning to suffer. While in an inclusion classroom, Jacob can receive a variety of related services. If he is pulled out of class to receive such services, it could greatly impact his ability to learn as well as affect how others perceive him and his self-esteem. However Jacob could greatly benefit from the following related services: psychological services to help him with his anger and aggression, counseling services, recreational therapy as well as a designated social worker to help with school and home. Resource Room

A resource room is a room where students with disabilities can go for a portion of the day to receive a small group or individualized instruction. These students are still able to be in a regular classroom setting, in most cases, however, for certain periods of time, the student is able to go to the resource room that is staffed by special education teachers and paraprofessionals. The benefit of this would be that it could be a nice break for Jacob. If a larger classroom is stressful or overwhelming for him, it could be the break that he needs to collect himself and receive a more individualized instruction. The downside to Jacob going to the resource room is that other students would notice that Jacob leaves at certain times during the day to go there. This could lead to him being singled out and picked on by other students, which could lead to a self-esteem issue in Jacob and cause further complications with his emotional and behavior problems. While in a resource room, Jacob could receive related services such as psychological services, counseling services, recreational therapy and a designated social worker. Self-Contained Classroom

A self-contained classrooms is a more restricted learning environment. A self-contained classroom is for children who generally suffer from more severe disabilities. A self-contained classroom may have students from other grades and various academic levels but generally, a self-contained classroom will have children with the same learning ability. A self-contained classroom is staffed...
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