“Speak When You Are Angry- and You Will Make the Best Speech You Will Ever Regret”

Topics: Emotion, Feeling, Sentence Pages: 3 (891 words) Published: January 4, 2011
“Speak when you are angry- and you will make the best speech you will ever regret” Dr. Laurence J. Peter

How does the above quote relate to the use of language as a tool for expressing one’s emotion?

There are many ways of expressing our emotions. We can do this by our face expressions, by our movements and acts, using our body language but the most powerful and common way is using the ordinary language. Ordinary language is the ability of people to communicate between them to share ideas, to make plans, and understand each other by using words. But it is also a way of sharing feelings and expressing emotions. Behind each word there are many thoughts and feelings hidden. Each one of us through out his life has learnt almost all that words and become aware of the deep meaning and the hidden feelings of that words. This is the reason why when we grow up we become able not to talk passive but with sentimentalism. Therefore language is one of the best ways of expressive our emotions. “Speak when you are angry- and you will make the best speech you will ever regret”, is a quote of Dr. Laurence J. Peter an educator and a hierarchiologist. From this quote we could see that our emotions are expressed by our speeches, words or otherwise that our words are effected by our emotions. Anger is a feeling that overcomes any other feeling of fear or depression, even though love. When you are angry according to Dr. Laurence J. Peter you can make the best speech because the only emotion coming out of that speech is anger, therefore your speech will be clear, and focusing only to the aim of it. This speech will have passion and zeal. All of this anger will come out of the speech, will eventually enter people hearts when they heard the tone of your voice pronouncing heartlessly words loudly, clearly with no doubt and coming out from a hard heart. Then by leaving them recording to their minds each word they will be able to understand what your feelings are,...

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0521641632 - Metaphor and Emotion: Language, Culture, and Body in Human Feeling
Zoltan Kovecses
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