Topics: Truth, Debut albums, The Downward Spiral Pages: 2 (791 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Andrea Thomas
Speak Essay

In the movie Speak Melinda was raped by this guy by named Addy at a party, she was reluctant to talk to anyone about what happened because she was so traumatized, and everyone hated her for calling the cops. She was mad at herself for not being able to do anything about it. So she resorted to silence, so that she doesn't have to bring back the horrible memories she was trying to forget even though all she had to do was speak. In fact, if Melinda had told the truth immediately the rape occurred, everyone would have believed her. We all know that speaking the truth sounds easy but it can sometimes be hard, just like in Melinda's case. But what Melinda did not understand was that when secrets like this are kept they can eat away at your esteem and your confidence. She enters high school friendless and people stare and call her names she demonstrates sense of not being believed, sleep disruption, and depression.

In the movie when Melinda does speak up, the truth is taken the wrong way, Melinda tells Rachel what actually happened the night of the party because she didn't want Rachel to get hurt by Andy Evans, who Rachel was also going to prom with. Rachel listened to Melinda until Melinda told her that she was raped by Andy. Then Rachel stopped listening and told Melinda she was a "Liar...I can't believe you. You're jealous. You're a twisted little freak and you're jealous that I'm popular and I'm going to the prom and so you lie to me like this. And you sent me that note, didn't you? You are so sick, that’s the reaction Melinda was afraid of Rachel may not have believed Melinda, but it caused Rachel to bring it up to Andy and he called her a b**** and stormed out of the car that’s when Rachel knew Melinda was telling the truth. But Melinda didn't stop there. When Melinda was able to understand that the truth will always set you free, she was able to gain enough courage to stand up to Andy, when Andy tried to...
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