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We know very little of Spartacus before he joined the Roman Army. We do know that Spartacus was born a free man around 100 B.C. He was born in ancient Thrace an unstable territory on the fringes of Rome’s empire, which is what we know as Bulgaria. This is where historians have picked up on Spartacus, when he joined the Roman Army. Some believe that he joined the army because it was an opportunity to not be poor anymore. Spartacus soon fled the army when he was asked to fight against his own people. Any deserter would be tracked down by the Roman army and face their punishment. The punishment for desertion was enslavement. Spartacus and his wife were both sold into slavery in a town sixty miles south of Rome, called Cupua. Spartacus was sold as a gladiator, trained to fight and kill for entertainment.

Spartacus and the other gladiators formulate a plan to escape. They use improvised kitchen utensils as weapons. Since they train daily in hand to hand combat, the guards are no match for the gladiators. They kill their way out of the compound and steal the weapons of the guards they kill. Before reinforcements can be called seventy-four gladiators kill everyone in the compound and escape into the countryside. Knowing they would be killed if captured, the now fugitives need structure and a leader. They elect Spartacus; he is a natural leader and has good charisma with the men. They travel through Italy, stealing weapons, food and clothing as they go. They need to set up camp somewhere they will have the advantage when the Romans come for them. They head to the scarcely populated dormant volcano, Vesuvius. There the men can prepare a defense for when the Romans attack.

The senate of Rome doesn’t think much of the news that seventy-four slaves escaped. They send a small platoon of new recruits and a rookie commander, Glavia, to take care of them. A Glavia set up camp at the bottom of...

References: Spartacus: Behind the Myth. DVD.
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