Ethical Question for Spartacus

Topics: Roman Republic, Spartacus, Third Servile War Pages: 4 (1509 words) Published: April 27, 2013
So, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle walk into a Bar.......wait, wrong story.

On a mid-summer's morning, Spartacus, fresh from the labors of strife, arrived to commune with his close confidant, Crixus, as to the nature of a quandary that has vexxed him since the spring. As a tale of this nature is by its very root a circuitous and perplexing beast, I will forgo the usual battles of the third person and give an account as it was fostered onto me. To each gladiator of this narrative, I will speak as if I was but a gadfly in their midst. Spartacus: Hail Naevia! Where is my good friend Crixus? He was to meet me in your domus after morning revelry. Naevia: Spartacus, you know well that my husband enjoys his time of contemplation at the throne of the porcelain god. He has been well fed of meats, grains and strong mead. He but woke merely an hour past. I nearly struck a lantern before I realized he had retired to his......personal chamber. But he bid me to greet you when you arrived as he knew you would show during his time alone. What has brought you to our humble abode so early? Spartacus: Ah Naevia, it is good you have admonished me as to the disposition of your husband, lest I accuse him of being less than cordial. But I have come to mince words with Crixus and you, if time permits. I did hear that Gannicus may grace us with his precence at any moment. Naevia: It is good to know that Gannicus, the man, the myth, the legend, will be amiable to mix with the common folk. Spartacus: Quite the boast there Naevia. Speak not too loudly lest his head won't fit through your spacious doorway. Naevia: Come in sit and regale us of your exploits of this very morning. Crixus: Please Naevia. Do not encourage boast from the man himself. Better those jests come from others. Come and break your fast with us as we discuss that which has brought you. Spartacus: Well now.....that which has brought me should be of great intrigue...
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