Spanning the Globe

Topics: Dell, Texas, Alienware Pages: 3 (702 words) Published: October 20, 2013
Spanning the Globe
Case background
Eric Christopher ia an Associate Director for Global HR Development at Tex- Mark.he had ended up at Tex- Mark, a computer input- output manufacturer and supplier, through an indirect career route. Eric had graduated from Churchill High School and Baylor University in Waco, Texas, with a major in History and a minor in Spanish. His maternal grandmother lived in Tennesse, but was born and grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland, and Eric had spent several summers while in high school and at University backpacking around Europe. His facility for languages was impressive and he had an excellent working use of Spanish, French, Italian, and German. He could converse in Cantonese, as the result of working I a noodle restaurant during university, and had started a tutorial course in Mandarin last fall. Problem Identification:

Tex-Mark, a company that was started in the late 1970’s, is a manufacturer of printer and optical scanner in the United States and across the globe. Tex Mark has expanded their operations to be split between their HQ office in San Antonio, TX and moved product development, sales and distribution to other parts of the globe. It has operations in countries such as Australia, Brazil France, India Israel and Hong Kong. The company takes employees: expatriates, and places them within those countries to run their engineering operations abroad. Tex Mark has developed a training program for these expatriates before their decent into international territory to ensure that they are comfortable managing human resources and implementing various programs, cross culturally, this program has failed (Allen D Engle Sr, 2004). As a spin off from Dell Computer Company, Tex Mark wasn’t the only one having an issue that day; Eric Christopher was not having the best morning either. Sitting in traffic contemplating the day’s tasks along with trying to resolve the issue of. In the beginning of the case study, Eric is stuck in traffic and...
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