Human Resource Needs Assessment Process

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The Needs Assessment Process

The first step in developing a training program is conducting a needs assessment. The needs assessment is conducted to establish if there is a training need, who the training need is for, and the duties needed to be trained. The needs assessment procedure results in the decision that training is really necessary. To determine if training is required, information must be collected from three types of analysis; organizational, person, and task analysis. We recommend that Xenon Corporation considers our following analysis.

Organizational analysis is performed to identify if training supports Xenon’s strategic direction. With the continuing rise in consumer demands and 3% increase in domestic production associate workforce; Xenon has recognized a need for training and development programs to address cross-cultural issues and challenges. Xenon managers must show support and enthusiasm when providing the 20 expatriate’s and their families’ information regarding this exciting and challenging change. We feel the best way to measure motivation on training and training readiness is by distributing to managers and employees an online survey via email for them to complete (see appendix A). Distributing the survey by email is not only cost effective but allows the employees to complete it in a time frame that is convenient for them without interfering in their busy schedules.

Another step in conducting the organizational analysis is identifying the training resources. As a preferred provider to many other multi-national corporations, we possess the experience and quality needed to provide you with a comprehensive cross-cultural training program. Your 20 expatriates and their families will be ready to take on the exciting challenge of relocating to Campinas, Brazil. We would like to invite you to take the opportunity in using one of our established and highly recommended training consultants to guide and motivate your employees.

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