Spanish Galleon Ship Research Paper

Topics: United States, Slavery, Atlantic slave trade Pages: 3 (522 words) Published: October 10, 2017

A typical Spanish Galleon ship of the 1500's was built to carry Cargo as Well as be
capable of defending itself against attacks.
A typical Spanish galleon had a number of decks: forecastle, upper deck, main deck,
lower deck, poop deck, and quarterdeck. The Crew's quarters Were in the bow While the
officers and passengers lived in Cramped cabins in the Waist or center section of the
galleon. Food and supplies were stowed near the galley. Larger galleons also had a
surgeon aboard. En addition to the sailors and soldiers that made up the crew, there
were also the carpenter, sailmaker, Cook, and Cooper.
The captain or admiral lived in the Great Cabin. While his was above deck, the crew
slept and ate on the gun decks where it was dark, damp, and...

Larger Sandglasses measured the passage of
hours and were also very important. A pilot needed to know how long he had been at
Experienced sailors kept logs describing areas where they had ventured before. These
records included notes on Currents, Water color, prevailing winds, climate Conditions,
Water depth, sighting of birds and islands. By referencing the progress made on past
Voyages the navigator Could get a better idea of where he might be and what to expect
The Captain also used a Compass. This was made from a magnetized needle that
pivoted on a pin. They functioned like the modern compass.
Galleons Were very large ships that must have cost a substantial amount of money. It is
difficult to determine the amount of money that the cargo itself would be worth today, but
a galleon ship would be about a couple million dollars in today's money with inflation
and the knowledge that people have of how useful they were for explorers on
expeditions and in battle.
in Conclusion, traveling by ship was tough then and it's still tough now. It's expensive,
tough to navigate, and it was crowded. These tasks were strenuous and sailors often
Went Weeks without proper care on the...
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