Space Technology

Topics: Universe, Earth, Orbit Pages: 2 (308 words) Published: April 18, 2015
 Space technology

Space technology has been developing considerably these decades . New discoveries about the moon and many other planets are fascinating us . Even some fictional movies make us think that one day we can go to live on another planet . However, for the following reasons I don’t support the idea that the government should spend as much money as possible on developing space technology for the exploration of moon and other planets because space technology is very expensive and need colossal investment . Meanwhile, we need much money to cope with urgent issues on earth for example pollution, education, and health services,etc . As you know, nowadays our environment has been rapidly degraded . Our life is threatened by natural disasters, such as floods, rise in sea levels, drought, etc . Unless government invests more money on recycling and using environmental friendly energies in order to curb green house gas emission it would be difficult to cope up with these forces . Furthermore, some scientists believe that once explored a new planet where human being could live we can send our people from earth to this planet, so we could reduce population pressure on earth . I think if on earth we cannot tackle these existing issues, we will have to face the same problems in the new environment . And there is another problem, sending machines and people to explore new space possibilities seems pretty risky . We’ve heard about crashes or failures of some satellites in the space . These accidents, besides the fact that cost a lot of money, have been causing orbit debris that causes our universe to be polluted . In conclusion, I think that government should give more priority to resolve problems on earth to make are environment better . And talking of space, we can collaborate with other countries to develop and form unusual space technology and also reduce huge costs.
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