Topics: Space exploration, International Space Station, Space Shuttle Pages: 3 (1088 words) Published: August 29, 2013
Persuasive Essay-NASA Space Exploration

Christopher Columbus theorised that the earth was flat. We later found out that the earth was actually spherical, this was due to significant advancement of astronomy. Such important discoveries, wouldn’t be possible without, NASA, space exploration, advances in technology, scientific findings and a more broadened knowledge of the universe. The illusive idea of travelling beyond our clouds has been around before the first moon landing took place. We know that it is relatively important to explore space because some resources on earth will; soon run out and we may have to rely elsewhere for iron, steel, minerals and other such important products, we humans depend on. Despite the fact space travel is expensive, NASA should continue to be funded to learn about the universe and the world we all live in. Also funding NASA means a boost in technology for the economy and perhaps a dramatic change in restoring the environments function by solar panels and natural substances outside our atmosphere.

Its fact that space exploration is an exceedingly expensive business. It is a multi-billion dollar industry, with low initial expectations being achieved. For example by 2011, the average cost per flight of the space shuttle (alone) was estimated at $450 million dollars, or $18,000 per kilometre to low earth orbit. Many, many people in the world live in slums or worse on the streets not knowing were their next meal may come from. Still the population funds NASA to go into space, for what? To achieve advancements in technology or medicines. This money could be used to create some things right here on earth and possibly gain the same results, for the poor and ill. Also the high costs could lead to substantial economic loss and great difficulty involving money may appear causing possible strain on the nation. Overall, the significant amount of money spent each year on going into space could be used to achieve more realistic and...
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