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Topics: Satellite, Space debris, Spaceflight Pages: 1 (430 words) Published: October 28, 2014

Reading Response 1: Dave Gilbert’s “Space Harpoon Plan to Nail Orbital Garbage” Summary
The article Space Harpoon Plan to Nail Orbital Garbage talks about this invention called a “space harpoon” that will eliminate only some of the space debris that is in earth’s low orbit. There is a lot of space debris that can cause future problems with the everyday technology that people use. An engineer, by the name of Jaime Reed, warns that the low-earth orbit may become unusable from the space junk if not removed. It also states that space junk threats both human space flight and robotic missions. The space harpoon is aimed at capturing larger objects that hold a bigger threat in damage. When launched and accomplished its job, it will be “towed back towards the atmosphere where it will burn up safely upon re-entry”. Analysis

The space harpoon that is mention in this article could possibly be the answer in eliminating the harmful space junk that causes safety risks. Jaime Reed holds a great argument stating that if nothing is done the already existing debris will eventually create more debris if it collides with working technology up in space. In the article, it states that in 2007 debris from a Chinese missile test collided with a Russian satellite. Also, another incident in 2012, a crew had to be evacuated “as a precaution after a piece of debris passed close by”. That will make eliminating the debris even harder for scientists already trying to figure out ways to get rid of it. The article states that the harpoon they scientist are using is “very light…it’s a small recoil”. Summary

I found this article to be highly interesting. I never knew there could be that much danger up in space like down here. The author stated very important details and facts about the safety risks the space junk could cause future flights out to space and already existing technology up there. I cannot imagine how life would be for me or other people in that matter without phones, TV, and...
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