Sovereignty of the San Andres Island

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Sovereignty of the San Andres Island

The history of the Archipelago and some brief information about the Islands

​The San Andrés Caribbean Island is a coral island located amid the Colombian archipelago in the Caribbean Sea. Primarily constituted by tourism San Andrés economy used to depend on Fishing and some weak agricultural activities. With the introduction of the Air transport on the island in 1954 the Colombian government decided to invest in the tourism making the archipelago a duty-free zone. This resulted in a large influx of people coming from the continent. Due to this massive migration the government restricted the entry policy in the island with the intention to preserve the native culture. The population of the island is currently formed by 66% being Colombians from the mainland, and the other 34% being descendants from Jamaican slaves and Europeans (mostly English). The official languages are Spanish, English and Creole. Although not as intensive as in the past, there remain attempts from other country (ies) to obtain the sovereignty over the islands. The supremacy on the archipelago has passed through many governments from different countries and this piece of land had even become shelter for pirates during the 17th century. In the course of time, Colombia got the right to rule the islands.

​The first people to arrive at the Island was a group of Dutch colonists, they established a village in the Providencia Island. In the first half of the 17th century some English Puritans arrived at the archipelago taking over the Islands and forcing the Dutch to leave. The British brought slaves from Jamaica and started agricultural activities, as the Islands were very fertile. Due to the English success in the Caribbean the Spanish tried to invade the islands but soon they were driven out by the Puritans. The archipelago later became shelter to pirates expecting to rob Spanish Vessels carrying gold and silver passing through that route. Henri...
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