South of the Slot

Pages: 2 (521 words) Published: November 4, 2008
South of the Slot: Essay
In my essay, I will explain how much conflict has to do with the story. I will explain conflict in Freddie Drummonds’ point of view. I will also explain it in Freddie’s alter ego “Big Bill Totts” point of view. Finally how Big Bill overwhelmed Freddie and took control over Freddie. Freddie is having a hard time choosing to stay away from the South of the Slot because; he is more comfortable being in the North of the Slot. The North of the Slot represents cleanness, education, sports, and law. Freddie doesn’t want to leave his job as a college professor. He also has proposed to Catherine Van Vorst. She like Freddie is a well educated person, she is a very well cultured woman, she is not an outgoing person, and she is a very dull like Freddie. Also Freddie just wants to go back to his old regular life. That is why Freddie wants to stay and live on the North side of the Slot. Bill is having a hard time staying away from the South of the Slot because; the South of the Slot represents freedom, excitement, hard back breaking work, and no rules. Bill wants to stay there, so that he can help support the workers and the workers Unions in the South of the Slot. Bill has also fallen in love with Mary Condon. Mary is the president of the International Glove workers Union. Bill is her personal henchmen. As time moved on they began to work and spend time with each other. The more time they spent together they had fallen for each other. Bill is a sign of inspiration to the workers and the people of South of the Slot .that is why Bill doesn’t want to leave the South of the slot. The reason Bill won against Freddie is because, when Freddie see’s the mob fighting the police. As Freddie witness this Bill was trying to take over Freddie’s body. Freddie looked composed alongside his fiancée, Catherine Van Vorst during the fight. As the fight continued, Bill was looking through Freddie’s eyes. Now in “Freddie’s body him and Bill were fighting of their mutual...
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