Sound of Thunder

Topics: Time, Future, Time travel Pages: 1 (394 words) Published: December 6, 2012
How to start the butterfly effect
On the eve of an American presidential election, a party of rich businessmen undertakes a time travel safari to the past to hunt dinosaurs. While the organizers have taken every precaution to minimize the impact of the hunting party on the past, one member violates the rules and leaves the designated path. Upon their return to the present the group finds that the world has been drastically altered by the seemingly innocuous death of a pre-historic butterflyTop of Form | | |

A man named Eckels goes on a time safari, sixty million years into the past, accompanied by Mr. Travis, their travel guide. As their prey approaches, Eckels panics and runs off the path. Mr. Travis punishes Eckels by getting the bullets out of their prey, a tyrannosaurus Rex. Arriving in the future, Eckels realizes he stepped on a butterfly and changed history, as we know itBottom of Form | |

The year is 2055, the day after the presidential election, won by Keith, who defeated the Fascist Deutscher. Eckles expresses relief over the election results as he prepares for a time travel safari to kill a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Eckles' guides, Travis and Lesperance, warn Eckles not to leave the path. They explain how tiny changes, such as killing a mouse, could have drastic ramifications in the future. As the T-Rex approaches, Eckles panics and, you guessed it, leaves the path. Travis wants to kill him on the spot, but Lesperance and a whimpering Eckles convince him otherwise. When they return to the year 2055, Eckles is shocked to discover subtle changes in the air, in the room, and how words are spelled. He hears police whistles outside and learns that Deutscher has won the election. Eckles notices a dead butterfly on his boot and begs to go back in time so he can return it. Travis refuses to return and shoots Eckles in the back of the head. Lesperance's explanation to Eckles on the dangers of small changes in the past having catastrophic effects on the future...
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