Sound Of Thunder

Topics: Ray Bradbury, Lon Chaney, Sr., Time Pages: 2 (385 words) Published: October 19, 2013
Anahi Miranda
Period 6
The Sound Of Thunder

WOW! Ray Bradbury explains how easy it can be to the future. In his own story The Sound Of Thunder using imagery and creating suspense using tone and mood.
The book can keep uou in suspense on what will happen next because of Rays imagery and tone the book will keep you interested. Everything about his story catches my attention. He goes into time to travel back into the past to see how it was.

Second, they step into the time machine that they have and then seconds later they were starting to find out that they werent in their time anumore, everything has changed because they went back into the time were dinosaurs were created or when they were living.They put on their oxygen helmets and tested the intercoms. He was shaking on his arms, they had seen a monster! They saw a Tyrant lizard raising himself, his armos flesh glittered like a thousand green coins and they crusted with slime. Eckels automatically started to hide next to the time machine. While eckels went to hide by the time machine the monsted roared,teeth glittering with sun.

Otherwise, the monster wanted to crush them like berries. The men were shaking because of how scary the monster looked. While the monster was running after them, it had collapsed. The men were confused and wondering what has happened to it, then they realized that they had killed it. Their was a fount of blood spurting from its throat, a sac of fluids burts. Travis and Lesperance stood with smoking riffles, cursing steadily. Eckels was shaking when he saw the time machine because they were gunna live. They looked at the monster with finality that everything is all over.

FInally, they had stepped into the time machine to go back into their own time. Seconds past and they were excited and relieved that they were back in their timing. Once they had stepped out of the yime machine they just starred at it and walked away from it and never touched it again....
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