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A Sound of Thunder and Nethergrave

By mctiger13 Sep 17, 2013 440 Words
The stories “A Sound of Thunder and Nethergrave” are wonderful pieces of science fiction. Both stories take you on a journey. One story takes you through the past and the other takes you through a virtual world. Of the both stories I think that “A Sound of Thunder”was a better story because it had a clearer story line then the other.

The story “A Sound of Thunder” is a story about a group of people time traveling in a time machine and visiting the time of the dinosaurs. They also accidentally changed the future. This story fits into science fiction because it involves time travel to the past and bringing back the dinosaurs. It also involves the history of the future. The story “Nethergrave” is about a boy having a hard day and who hides away in lies on a computer chat. When his friends leave the chat; he gets taken into a virtual world by the man on the computer using mind control. This fits into science fiction because this story uses imagination, mind control, and another world beyond real life.

The setting of “A Sound of Thunder” was back around the time of B.C., when the dinosaurs were around. In “Nethergrave” the setting was modern day. I think that “A Sound of Thunder” used this literary element more effectively because I really felt that I time traveled to the past and that I was standing right in front of the dinosaurs when they were describing the dinosaur. With the story “Nethergrave” I had a hard time believing I was there in another world because there was not much description of the other world. I also had a hard time telling what time the setting was taking place because I thought when he went into the computer he had went to the future.

The story A Sound of Thunder was trying to teach us that even if we could go back in time; we would probably mess the balance of the future. It's better to leave the past as it is. Nethergrave's theme was that real life may be hard, but virtual worlds are not reality and sometimes they can be dangerous. I think A Sound of Thunder used theme more effectively because it was a very easy and valuable lesson to learn. I think the theme was a little clearer than Nethergrave's theme.

Both stories took you through different situations and times. The work of these two science fiction stories was amazing, but I think A Sound of Thunder was overall better. The stories take you to past and present. They also teach valuable lessons.

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